Dale Massey is an Owner / Chief Instructor of STAT. He has been a police officer for over 19 years and is currently a Lieutenant, member of the Special Events Unit, and Assistant SWAT Team Commander and the active shooter coordinator on the Louisville Metro Police Department.  

He has served in various roles in law enforcement which include Patrol Officer, HALO Officer, FLEX Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. Dale has responded to and engaged in countless tactical operations and provided training to hundreds of other law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians. 

Dale has helped to implement the Active Shooter response for his department in conjunction with the other first responders. He has presented on local, state and national levels regarding tactical incidents to which he has personally responded. 

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Dale has attended the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University and the Community College of the Air Force. He was the Valecatordian of the Southern Police Institue Executive Officer’s Course. 

Dale is married and has two young children. His passion is to make this world a safer place for all.



Massey Resume 6-5-19 (pdf)