Dale Massey and Eric Culver work together on the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) SWAT team. They share the same passion in that they want to train as many people as possible how to survive an active aggressor incident to keep families together for a long time to come.

Dale started the process to become a police officer a few weeks after Columbine, and Eric started the process the week before 9/11. Little did anyone know how the terror that occurred at Columbine would be relived time and time again city to city across our country in the 20 years since that tragic day. 

Active aggressor training has come a long way in the last 20 years, however, Dale and Eric found there are very little resources out there for civilians. There is a lot of training for first responders and they have been a very active part in their community's first responder training.

Eric and Dale are on a mission to spread training to as many as possible in the civilian sector with the start up of STAT. Their vision is to be the go-to resource on how to handle active aggressor incidents in the work place and in everyday life.