Strategic Threat Assessment Training

By training to anticipate threats and respond with urgency, you’ll be ready for anything. Partner with STAT today to take the first step in preparing for an active aggressor event.

Hope is Not a Tactic℠

What would you do if faced with the unthinkable?

The founders of STAT are passionate about preparing your employees for an active aggressor event by offering a full range of active aggressor training services tailored to the unique needs of your workplace. Our interactive training components and engaging teaching methods ensure that the lessons learned will stick with them when it counts the most.

Who We Are

At STAT, personal safety and protection are our top priorities. We are led by a team that includes LMPD law enforcement officers with over 2 decades of experience, including time spent serving as SWAT Team members. These top-tier law enforcement professionals are personally involved in planning classroom training content, teaching onsite classes, and role-playing during scenario training, while providing participants with value-packed course content that can help save lives. 

We are proud to have a wide network of security partners and safety resources to help our clients implement the best security protocols, while also offering civilians and first responders tactical training to protect themselves and others during active aggressor events.


Three Pillars of Survival

Our experience, expertise, and accessibility are the unique dynamics that truly make our training services a cut above the rest.

Develop Essential Safety Skills To Carry With You For A Lifetime

STAT active aggressor training is designed to help participants develop mental and physical strategies to protect themselves and their loved ones in the face of danger. These essential life skills are transferable to any age or stage of life, whether you face a safety threat in the office, at home, or while traveling in unfamiliar locations.

By learning how to keep cool when you’re in a panic, and retain mental clarity in the face of a life-threatening situation, you could be the hero that helps save countless lives when it matters most.


What our Clients Say

We were very intentional about selecting the right organization to lead our training
Dale and Eric from STAT were the perfect fit. STAT led a comprehensive experience on site that has left our staff team feeling empowered and prepared. It was also beneficial to our culture and overall morale – they felt that our organization cares enough about them to make threat assessment training a priority.
Corey G. Miller, Executive Director
STAT performed assessments, classroom training and real-life scenarios at our four office locations
They were  able to help improve the security at our offices with easy and inexpensive ideas.  Our employees embraced the classroom training and scenarios and have found their newly gained knowledge is not only helpful in the workplace, but in their everyday life as well. The biggest benefit to our investment is our employees seeing how much we care about their personal security and safety.
Sheila Cary
The professionals at STAT are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to our training needs
As the assistant police chief and training coordinator for a campus police department, we have used STAT for several years to conduct our active aggressor training. All the instructors have extensive experience in the field and are able to incorporate real-life experience into a top-notch curriculum. I would highly recommend STAT to any organization that is serious about not only assessing, but also preparing and responding to threats.
James Schwab
Everyone would benefit from the knowledge and insight of STAT's training
It could save your life or someone you love. Eric provided training for my company and I would highly recommend this for any business. Eric brought his years of training and real life experiences and was able to explain and demonstrate situations that are unfortunately occurring almost daily.
Matt Schneider