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When reporting the news, we understand that concise, straightforward and most importantly, factual information is critical to you and your media outlet. Subject matter experts are crucial to your research, and prompt availability is necessary. 

STAT founders Dale Massey and Eric Culver have first-hand experience, training, and media savvy, making them your trusted go-to source of information surrounding active aggressor reporting.

As subject matter experts, Dale and Eric have a wealth of first-hand experience from serving on the front lines of law enforcement. As professional SWAT-trained officers, they have been active in their community’s first responder training for many years. With STAT’s Rescue Task Force Training, they harness that experience to train other officers to assess the situation rapidly, make decisive actions, and intercede with the necessary force or de-escalation strategies to cease the event as quickly as possible.

If you or your media outlet needs experienced, professional, and knowledgeable resources to discuss any topic related to active shooters/aggressors or active aggressor training, the STAT team is ready to partner with you.

Our STAT Leadership is available for media interviews by calling directly:


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Why Use STAT as a Resource

In the wake of an unforeseen tragedy, we understand it is vital for our media partners to report the news accurately and timely. The experts at STAT are available to work with your media organization to provide your audience a professional and accurate understanding of what occurs in the response to an active aggressor situation. Call us at 502-576-7856.

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